Over 60 years of Hermaco

Our Story

Hermaco Commercial Incorporation is the leading steel furniture manufacturer in the Philippines. We infallibly value the importance of quality. Since opening our doors, we ensure that every product we manufacture are the finest, adhering to the stringent standards in our manufacturing process.


Our humble family business opens its doors in the bustling district of Binondo, Manila, also known as chinatown. At the very heart of it is our storefront located in Ongpin St. which still stands to this day.

Our Formula


Engineered for longevity

From our timeless designs to our durable build, our products have one thing in common: they withstand the test of time.


Quality as our philosophy

Our firm belief is that only products of the highest degree deserve to be produced, encompassing our goal to satisfy our clients.


Storage and security redefined

Our pursuit for longevity keeps us committed to a process of continuous improvement in our production. We take our craft very seriously, employing only the best engineers and state-of-the-art facilities.

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