Copyright Policy

How Hermaco Commercial handles copyright infringement claims.

Copyright Infringement Claims
We do not allow the use of Hermaco Commercial products to make or disseminate work that uses the intellectual property of others beyond the bounds of [fair use](
Under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (R.A. No. 8293), when there is a violation of any of the exclusive economic or moral rights granted to the copyright owner. The law also provides for the liability of a person who at the time when copyright subsists in a work has in his possession an article which he knows, or ought to know, to be an infringing copy of the work for the following purposes: selling or letting for hire, or by way of trade offering or exposing for sale or hire, the article; distributing the article for the purpose of trade, or for any other purpose to an extent that will prejudice the rights of the copyright owner in the work; or trade exhibit of the article in public. This includes grabbing of Hermaco Commercial’s photos, plagiarizing and redistributing our marketing materials, and claiming our products to be their own. Hermaco Commercial can file a criminal, civil or administrative action for copyright infringement. This policy applies to all and any product created by Hermaco Commercial Inc. and includes any version made by the manufacturer.